In October, singer-songwriter Solange brought her album "A Seat At the Table" to Weeksville Heritage Center. A track entitled "F.U.B.U." truly resonated with us here at WHC and served as a reminder of James Weeks' mission when he set out to establish one of America's first free black communities. 


This year, our Giving Tuesday campaign circles around the idea of self-sustenance. For us. By us. Brooklyn for Brooklynites. Whether your donation is $1 or $1000, it is an impactful investment back into your community. Former Executive Director Joan Maynard once said, "Everyplace has a Weeksville, where ordinary people came first and labored to create a more hospitable living setting for their loved ones." 


The future of Weeksville rests in the hands of its neighbors and extended family. Join us as we continue to activate this important and unique history through the presentation of innovative, vanguard and experimental programming and translating Weeksville of the past into Crown Heights of today.