Weeksville Lost Jazz Shrines of brooklyn

The Weeksville Lost Jazz Shrines of Brooklyn (WLJSB) collection contains oral history interviews, ephemera, primary and secondary research documents, musical recordings, publications, correspondence, and photographs related to the cultural legacy of jazz history in Central Brooklyn.  Between the 1930s and 1960s, Central Brooklyn was home to a unique and rich jazz culture; one very similar to that of the well known jazz scene of Harlem, New York.  The collection features “lost” jazz musical venues in the local era, including: the Kingston Lounge, Trios, The Blue Coronet, Sonia Ballroom, The East, Elks Plaza, Putnam Central, Club La Marchal, The Continental, Smuckers, Sista's Place, and Slave #1 Theatre, among others. Created by the Research Staff, the WLJSB collection examines this Brooklyn jazz culture, through key musical artists of the aforementioned time period.

In 2014, Otabega Jones & Associates partnered with the Central Brooklyn Jazz Consortium to produce OJBK FM, a live stream of radio broadcasts that pay tribute to The East, a maven-trap: cultural hub, music & performance venue, and independent school founded by Black Nationalists in Brooklyn in 1969.  Until it closed in 1985, The East, at 10 Claver Place, presented news, concerts and albums that reflected new fusions of East and West, embodying the spiritual, cultural, and political ideas of the era. 

For archival stream of the OJBK FM radio from Funk, God, Jazz & Medicine: Black Radical Brooklyn, click here: http://www.centralbrooklynjazzconsortium.org/ojbkfm.html

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