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Asase Yaa Cultural Arts Foundation amplifies the voices of youth with "Hip Hop Kingdom".

Be transported as we travel through the birth of hip-hop, its development over the last 40 years and its influence on African culture.


Asase Yaa Cultural Arts Foundation, also known as “Asase Yaa” (“Mother Earth”), is a dynamic cultural arts institution centered on the whole African experience in America.

Asase Yaa Cultural Arts Foundation (AYCAF) creates and nurtures pathways for heightened self-awareness and educational enlightenment for the children, adults, seniors, and families that it services.

Director: Kofi Osei Williams

Assistant Director: Zenzele Cooper

Program Manager: Rubie Inez Williams

Dance Instructor: Zakiya Harris

Stage Manager: Tricia Greenidge

Musicians: Kwesi Nkroma & Yao Ababio