Architects of Pride

In collaboration with The New Black Fest, Weeksville presents three special dinner theater experiences.

The menu, developed by Chef Jeneé Grannum, ties into the themes and time period of the staged readings.


The People Before

The Park

by Keith Josef Adkins

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 12.24.56 PM.png

1856. New York City.  

A hard-working man and his son live in a respectful African-American community called Seneca Village. However, their solitude and safe haven are threatened when the City decides to destroy their community to create the world-renowned Central Park.

What the City didn't expect... was for them to fight back.

MARCH 13 | 6:30PM





by Christina Anderson

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On the open sea, a ship sails to Africa. On board an ambitious father, his troubled son, a rebellious young woman, and the uneasy crew. Tensions rise as an unexpected detour resurrects family secrets and reveals true intentions.

It is a journey that will change their lives forever.

APRIL 10 | 6:30


When We Left Part I

by Nsangou Njikam

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With America in turmoil over racial tensions and an uncertain future, a fiery Congresswoman seeks to bring justice and equality for African Americans. But as tensions grow, a mysterious organization emerges claiming they have the ultimate solution for Black people: Return to Africa. Now she must choose which battle she will fight: the side of American equality or the side of total Liberation.


MAY 8 | 6:30PM