Weeksville’s Progress Update #1



When we sent out the call this past May that we were in the midst of a financial crisis, you answered. In fact, not only did over 4,100 of you from SEVEN countries donate over $265,000, but so many more of you helped us spread the word to your friends, family and colleagues throughout the community. Calling it a groundswell of support is an understatement, and the Board, staff and I are truly grateful.

There’s a lot that’s going on so please check this space as we provide updates. For example:

  • In partnership with the New York Landmarks Conservancy, we’ve been able to start some of the much-needed repairs to the Historic Hunterfly Road Houses

  • We’re in the process of working with the City to become part of the Cultural Institutions Group, which means that Weeksville will have a permanent place in the NYC budget every year going forward. More on that as we move towards completing that process.

  • We’re developing a strategic plan that will power a renewed vision and operating model for Weeksville, including Saturday hours, which will begin in the new year.

Speaking of strategic planning, it’s a process that involves many steps and we’ve worked hard to incorporate as many perspectives as possible. That includes taking into account many voices from the community. For example, we heard from:

  • Our young ambassadors;

  • Our church leaders;

  • Our elected officials;

  • The elders who knew, loved and ran with Dr. Joan Maynard; and

  • Kingsborough residents, to name only a few.

A group of about 20 or so community members convened at Weeksville in July to share their perspectives on Weeksville and the opportunities they see. We’re grateful for their participation.

When our strategic plan is done at the end of October, we’ll share it with you. In the meantime, I want to share the presentation that was used to guide the community conversation in the hopes that it will make the process more transparent.

Again, thanks for your ongoing support.


Rob Fields

President & Executive Director

Marvin Hickman