Document. Preserve. Interpret.


If you want to identify what a human community needs to be - anywhere in our world - Weeksville would be an excellent model.

— Marcia Goldman, Former President, Weeksville Board of Trustees


Everyplace has a Weeksville, where ordinary people came first and labored to create a more hospitable living setting for their loved ones. The rediscovery and preservation of this local history provides a means of reestablishing a continuity with the past so that children, armed with the knowledge of the contributions of their forebears can gain strength to meet the challenge of the future.

— Joan Maynard, First Executive Director of Weeksville Heritage Center

Weeksville Heritage Center is a multidisciplinary museum dedicated to preserving the history of the 19th century African American community of Weeksville, Brooklyn - one of America’s many free black communities.  

Our mission is to document, preserve and interpret the history of free African American communities in Weeksville, Brooklyn and beyond and to create and inspire innovative, contemporary uses of African American history through education, the arts, and civic engagement. Using a contemporary lens, we activate this unique history through the presentation of innovative, vanguard and experimental programs. 


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Weeksville remains 180 years after its founding because of the support of  community supporters. Be a part of this rich history as a Weeksville Volunteer!