Zen Day Wellness Conference

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Movement, Mindfulness & Modern Spirituality.

In partnership with Weeksville Heritage Center, GrillzandGranola and I See You Wellness bring you ZEN DAY: the first and only community wellness conference that promotes movement, mindfulness & modern spirituality among Women of Color (all people are welcome). 

This year, we will explore the theme: RISE.

We are powerful when we gather, and the time to RISE is now.  Personally and collectively, we are all experiencing an awakening where we are called to our purpose.

Many women of color are defining their own paths by building and creating spaces and businesses that give rise to their communities, their healing and their universal right to vibe higher. Let’s share our stories, our brilliant ideas, our wellness journeys, and multiple uses of coconut oil (kidding, not kidding) for communal collaboration and expansion! 

Join us for our second annual ZEN DAY, and rise with a  powerful community of practitioners, creatives, entrepreneurs, influencers and wellness ambassadors to learn how to be collectively well and share accessible, women-owned wellness resources and collaborate for higher vibrations!