Dear Community,

In these quickly evolving times, it is important to keep you updated on how we are approaching the safety of our visitors, partners, and staff. As a public health precaution and concern for the health of self and others we strongly encourage all who visit Weeksville Heritage Center (WHC) to wear a mask. We will continue to make high quality masks available and distribute home COVID-19 testing kits based on request and availability.

The majority of the building’s public spaces (gallery, classrooms, Hunterfly Road Houses, atrium, In Pursuit of Freedom exhibit, outdoor spaces) and rentals will be open to the public at full capacity. Our Multipurpose Room will operate at a lower holding capacity (up to 75 people). We will maintain regular operating hours posted on the website.

Black and brown communities are oftentimes the most marginalized by the health care system while being disproportionately impacted by public health emergencies like COVID-19. At this point, wearing a mask and getting vaccinated are the best tools we have to deal with the pandemic. We will continue to bring attention to the specific ways that public health and self-care issues impact our community through our policy and programs. We look forward to seeing you soon!

In Solidarity,

Dr. Raymond Codrington
President and CEO, Weeksville Heritage Center