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Join us to celebrate the opening of MEMORY, here at Weeksville. MEMORY is a solo exhibition of paintings and drawings by Artist Dr. Fahamu Pecou. MEMORY speaks to a conscious, nonlinear step into all periods and styles of Blackness. It is a shift away from Western notions of Black identity and a look towards a decidedly Black aesthetic through a new lens and fresh perspective. Learn More


Divine Mother

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Please join us to celebrate our new exhibition by Komikka Patton, Divine Mother. Martian (Komikka) is a 2D media artist based in New York City. She uses ballpoint pen, ink, paper and assorted printmaking techniques to create works that are centrally based on the human condition. Each illustration and print tells a different story, reflecting life, death, and the tribulations of characters that are symbolic of the stereotypical black identity.

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In Our Own Words

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Join us on Wednesday, June 26th for the opening of "In Our Own Words".  Curated by Author, Writer and Artist, Keisha-Gaye Anderson, this experience brings together a diverse group of immigrant poets and writers to share work that centers the multi-faceted immigrant narrative and reflects the wider world through their unique lenses vs. imposed narratives of the dominant culture. The event is set against the backdrop of an art exhibition, Co-Curated by Larry Weekes and Rey Naldo, that showcases works that echo this theme and bring light to underrepresented, and often unexplored, perspectives of the immigrant experience.

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Mendi + Keith Obadike: Utopias


This Fall, Mendi + Keith Obadike explore the role of African-American cities and towns, much like Weeksville, founded on the principle of FUBU, for us-by us.

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I AM SHE Imani Shanklin Roberts


“I AM SHE” by Imani Shanklin Roberts is a collection of works that explore her journey to self-discovery through her personal experiences outside of art-making and her journey to deepening her understanding of what self-discovery is.

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From Africa to Weeksville

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Over 50 artifacts from one of the largest private collections of African art in the world is coming to Weeksville!  'From Africa to Weeksville: The Eric Edwards Collection' highlights cultural throughlines between continental Africans and the diaspora.

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In Pursuit Of Freedom Now!

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This Spring, Weeksville opens its doors to two blockbuster exhibitions; ‘In Pursuit of Freedom Now!’ a pop up public history exhibit amplifying the roots and wings of activism and ‘Forward Ever! Sacred Ground & Sovereign Space’ a contemporary art exhibit. 

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In Pursuit of Freedom

A Ballast Garden


In collaboration with Vera List Center at The New School, Pioneer Works, and The Highline, we welcome artist, Maria Thereza Alves and her traveling ecological installation, Seeds of Change


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In collaboration with Brooklyn Historical Society and Irondale Theater, Weeksville's In Pursuit of Freedom, a thought-provoking collection-based exhibition that explores the origins of one of the first free Black communities in the country. 

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Past, Present, Future


Past, Present, and Future is a public art exhibition presenting visuals by artist Barron Claiborne that express and encompass the African-American experience.

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